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Did you know Dusty was President of the Western Writers Association? Yee-haw!

Once A Ranger
Coming in March 2014.

Jeremy L. C. Jones and I have never met, but I'll bet we'd get along fine. He picked up a copy of "Writing the West with Dusty Richards and Friends" and had some nice things to say about it. Click on the picture and see for yourself.

Dear Friends and Fans. Re Blood on the Verde River

I am not sure how it happened but things got screwed up somehow in the shuffle at the publisher. The real book number 3 won't be out until March 2014. How it happened I don't know but they had the mixup up there—they have titled the books. There was no numbering except mine and in the hands of so many folks at the publisher they must have shuffled them by mistake. The real Book number 3, Ambush Valley, will be out in March 2014. It details the move from Texas out to the Verde River. I am sorry, but it must have been an honest mistake.

The next book, Brothers in Blood, will be out in November. It is in sequence.

Thanks so much for your patience. Thanks again for the heads up from my readers and your support too.

Keeping the West alive and kicking,

Dusty Richards

Another award for Dusty!
Cowboy Rides award

Royal Wade Kimes presenting award

Nashville Country Singing star Royal Wade Kimes hosts a "Music On The Mountain" spectacular near Chester, Arkansas in conjunction with his trail rides and School Childen's Back Pack charity. On Sept 27, 2013 during all the music, fun, and silent auctions, his organization recognized Western writer Dusty Richards for his efforts in starting junior rodeo associations, serving on the Rodeo of the Ozarks Board for many years, and keeping the Cowboy alive in his novels. They presented him with their annual award, a trophy of a horse's head, and thanked him for his service.

Congratulations, Dusty!

Ambush Valley
Coming in March 2014, a Byrnes Family Ranch Western from Pinnacle Books.

Brothers in Blood
Coming in November 2013, a Byrnes Family Ranch Western from Pinnacle Books.

Blood on the Verde River
Coming in August 2013, a Byrnes Family Ranch Western from Pinnacle Books.

Blue Roan Colt
Next in the Frank Brothers Series. In the fall of 1945 – after four years of serving on the bloody front lines, Army Staff Sergeant Mark Shaw came back from World War II to return to his wife and find himself a ranch manager's job in Arizona. His skull was still exploding to the rattle of machine gun rounds and incoming screaming artillery shells. But tougher trials than the bloody trenches of Europe had posed soon slam into his life.

Available now at
Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle. Click here to buy.
Also available at Cactus Country Books.

Chaparral Range War.
When the Texas Legislature decided to stop paying its rangers, Phil Guthrey knew it was time to move on to greener pastures. As he rides into Arizona Territory, he finds a slew of criminals running free—thanks to Crook County’s no-good sheriff. With reports of rape, arson, theft, fatal shootouts, and foul play, Guthrey decides to make it his mission to rehabilitate Crook County, not to mention capture the heart of the spunky Cally Bridges.

As Guthrey sets out to bring to justice the men terrorizing his new home, he knows he must ultimately find a way to uproot Sheriff Killion if he wants to clean up the county for good. The fight will be long and hard, but for a former Texas Ranger like Guthrey, getting your hands dirty is just part of the job . . .

Available February 5, 2013 at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle.
Click here to buy.

Outlaw Queen
Frank Brother Series
Book Number One
Cactus Country Publishing

Rath Macon comes back from a trouble plagued cattle drive to Kansas and finds his ranching empire being sold out to settle his debts. His ex-wife, who'd divorced him while he was gone, had spent all his money, ran up high unpaid bills and left him broke. So the story opens with auctioneers selling off his estate. With only three good horses he bred and raised he leaves the Texas hill country to the chant of the men selling his life's hard work.

He stops over in a new land of waving bluestem grass covered hills in Kansas. A place he's thought about in passing with the herds he took north. By chance, he meets a young lady in a mercantile who invites him to a community social dance and supper. Mary Ann Cates is the widow of Ed Cates, a deceased member of the James Gang, killed in a shoot-out raid with lawmen two years earlier. He was a man she knew growing up who came back from the war and told her he was a cattle buyer for a firm out of Fort Scott. They lived on a nice farm and she thought he was away so much buying cattle to make their living. When he is shot, and news gets out, she is shunned by the community. No one will even dance with the "Outlaw Queen.' But her past marriage and tarnished reputation doesn't bother a Texas drover looking for a new life.

Macon must build a new business using his past experience in the cattle drives. He convinces a banker to partner with him. Helps the local lawman, and is the brunt of an insane hatred left from the civil war that costs him more losses.

Things don't come easy for the man who came home from the war in Mississippi barefooted to San Antonio. Lifted himself up by his own grit and industry, then when he neared the top he lost that dream to a vicious woman's greed.

A pre-publication reader called it a strong love story of the west against the rolling sea of a blue stem grass with the bitterness still being played out from a long ago war.

This book is now available at
Amazon.com as a paperback and coming soon as a Kindle ebook.

Between Hell and Texas

Book number 2 in the Chet Byrnes series follows in the footsteps of novel number one, The Texas Blood Feud. Chet Byrnes and his family's start in Texas was his father who fought with Sam Houston to drive Santa Anna out of the Lone Star Nation. On the land given to him for his military service, he built a ranch and then lost his health and mind relentlessly searching for his three children taken captive by the Comanche. Chet assumed leadership of the ranch at an early age. Denied the chance to go see what was over the horizon by his ranch obligation, he felt he missed the things other young men enjoyed. Pursuit of horse thieves and the consequential hanging of the rustlers caused a feud in the first book, The Texas Blood Feud, which was a Will Rogers Medallion Award Winner.

In book #2, Between Hell and Texas, he must find a place for his remaining dysfunctional family members in a new land where the flames of the feud cannot reach them. Chet chooses the Arizona Territory for their new home, which means he will be forced to part with the woman he loves who has too many family obligations to leave Texas. The ranch he wants to buy belongs to a man in the east and is run by an iron fisted individual who has no plans to leave the place. The foreman is robbing the current owner blind. Chet has to expose this crook and tangle with him as well.

A rich woman wants him, but Chet is so busy trying to take control of his new ranch, he sets her aside. There is no easy path for him, then the story line gets even more tragedy with a strike by a band of outlaws on his way home to move his family.

One pre-published reader said, "It's even a tougher book than the first one."

Available at
Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle.

The Lost Series

Back in the 1980's, a dishonest publisher published this novel after Dusty had withdrawn this book from him. He sold copies of it and never paid the author a dime. The original manuscript was recovered, dusted off, re-edited and published this year. It is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as Cactus Country Publishing.

The story is about a lawman who's wife and two step-daughters have been murdered and he sets out to find the killers. Deep in his grief and frustration, he starts drinking to kill the pain in his heart.

By accident, he rides into a camp where a grizzled mountain man is whipping a squaw with a quirt. When the lawman demands the man to stop, the stranger whirls and shoots his horse. In return the lawman shoots him. Then he finds a young Indian woman was the point of her former holder's anger. After a stormy start, the two set out to find his family's killers and arrest outlaws along the way to meet their expenses.

Bountyman and Doe is really the first book in Dusty's career of writing the west. It's fast moving, with some humor. Besides the delightful cover by western artist Mike Andrews, it makes a good read.

Find it at

Cactus Country Anthology #1
When Cactus Country Publishing opened their doors, they wanted to step into the west in a big way. Publisher Lou Turner and western author/editor Dusty Richards sat up nights talking about what a real western anthology should contain. They needed the authority of some known western writers to bring this collection on a well grounded base of name brand writers. Dusty set out to ask them for their help. A long time member of Western Writers of America, he knew lots of them, and they came to his aid with short stories, historical articles and cowboy poetry. On the other hand, he also knew from his work helping novice writers there were lots of good chroniclers of the west out there needed exposure too. So he put out a call for them to come and he soon found himself buried in manuscripts.

A surprising number of those stories were durn good. So the fabric of this first anthology is woven with Spur winners and folks climbing the ladder to get there.

He calls it the bathroom book. You can put it in there read one, come back and read another. However, we bet you can't put it down once you open the cover. And we received so many submissions we will have #2 out by the first of the year, but don't miss Volume Number One. Makes a great gift for Christmas for the western reader on your list.

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as Cactus Country Publishing.

Cactus Country Western Anthology #2
Dusty Richards helped gather the stories and has one of his in it. This is full of fiction by great western writers. It has some history, even some cowboy poems. It can be ordered from High Hill Press or Amazon.

The Best of Frontier Tales Anthology, Volume 1.
A dozen stories, one from each of the first twelve months of Frontier Tales, each voted the Readers Choice . . . plus one story chosen as Editor's Choice. Dusty's "When the Jingle Bob Job Was Over" was the first story printed here.

Available at Amazon.com or Pen-L Publishing.

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